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Área de Works and Services


This area carries out the following duties:
• Maintenance, restoration and improvements to public roads (pavements, manholes, wheelchair ramps, tarmac, etc.)


• Preservation and restoration of street furniture.


• Maintenance of monuments and fountains.

• Replacement and maintenance of children’s play areas on beaches and in parks.

• Reparation and maintenance of the general drainage network.

• Control and preservation of residual waters’ pumping stations.

• Maintenance of public buildings, schools and sports centres.

• Supervision of cleaning and beach infrastructures.

• Replacement and improvement of road signals (horizontal and vertical).

• Stage assembly.

• Collaboration in sporting and cultural events, local festivities and the board of fiestas.

• Maintenance and preservation of the municipal Cemetery.

• Preservation and improvements to rural roads.

• Cleaning of municipal ravines and land.

• Coordination of the municipal warehouses.

• Maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

• Responsible for the Guards squad.


Área de Works and Services

Councillor: Alejandro Collado Giner

C/Alcalde Oncina Giner, 7 2nd floor
3560 El Campello (Alacant)

Tel.: 965637200 extension: 463 (Warehouse)

Person in charge : José Antonio Juan Baeza (person in charge of works and services).


Timetable from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3pm.


Un líquido repelente evitará que los orines ensucien la Vía Pública y los edificios en El Campello
El Ayuntamiento mejora los accesos de la Cala d’Enmig para solucionar sus problemas de seguridad
El Campello Més Net

La concejalía de Servicios e Infraestructuras, de la que es concejal Alfred Botella, en conjunto con FCC han desarrollado la Campaña de Concienciación Ciudadana de 2017, “El Campello més net”,  con el propósito de lograr un municipio aún más limpio.

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