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Área de Commerce, Promotion and Employment

The Active Centre of Economic Development (CADEM) is a tool through which the Economic Development, Commerce and Employment Department provides its services for free to all businesses and citizens of El Campello.

CADEM was created with the aim of designing, planning and managing those aspects relating to the employability of its citizens and to increase the competitiveness of El Campello businesses.

It also aims to establish a direct relationship between economic and social agents of El Campello in order to fulfil the following objectives:

    * Generate employment
    * Boost the creation of new businesses
    * Provide information and advice to entrepreneurs
    * Promote the development and expansion of the companies which already exist


Área de Commerce, Promotion and Employment

Town Councillor: Francisca Carratalá Carmona 


Plaza Canalejas 6
03560 El Campello

Tel: 965 63 70 00
Fax: 965 63 21 45


(Usual) Timetable
Monday to Friday: Mornings from 8:30am to 2pm (SERVEF Associated Centre)
Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 5pm to 7pm (CRAF)

Summer Timetable (from June to September)

Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 2pm

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